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's a war zone, and then israel i have an exception for, under my proposal, because of the heightened risk of conflict. should be weakened financially because we cut them off, or if cutting them off would appear to be a move to distance ourself and might embolden israel's foes, and my amendment would fully fund the proposal of chairman hall rogers. >> mr. burgess. >> thank you for the recognition, i want to thank all of you for your work on the eliminating offset amendments. there was a 1% across the board offset that turned out to be $9 billion when, in 2005-2006, and there is a crs report delineates that. i think there's precedence for looking at this. one question i would have for you is, how will this funding be affected by the sequester? is there already an across the board cut that comes through the sequester and is your cut in addition to the sequester or is this funding carved out and protected? >> my understanding, doctor, is that both the underlying bill and my amendment would be on top of the sequester. >> so they're protected from the cuts or the sequester cuts -- >> the the $1
legitimate concerns about what hagel's positions were with respect to iran and israel. then again, i thought about what was behind the act? it" the end it was a democratic president appointing a cabinet member. it didn't shock me that schumer was on board. i was surprised by the speed. but it looks like it's shaping up for a relatively more comfortable confirmation battle for chuck hagel. >> michael, what i think it's not abouted a tud. i don't know where cardin is going to go. i don't know where a lot of people from big states, jewish communities are more sensitive to the language he's used in the past, but it seems to me that what will beat him now is evidence. not argument. it comes out that he's used bad language, ethnic language, if he said things or just showed an attitude publicly in a way that can be verified, he's still got problems if that happens. >> sure, anything can happen. hagel talks expansively. he's a little like biden. to his credit and i think something obama likes about him, he's not a totally programmed -- >> biden had a lot to do with pushing this, didn't he? >> i thin
addressed claims that he's anti- israel, among other things. california democrat barbara boxer also issued a statement of support. the backing of two prominent jewish senators is expected to help hagel ease concerns among other, pro-israel lawmakers. a major debt rating agency warned today the u.s. could lose its top credit status if there's a delay in raising the debt ceiling. the federal government is expected to exceed its borrowing limit by march, unless congress acts. if fitch does downgrade u.s. debt, it would join standard and poor's, which took that action in 2011 during the last debt ceiling debate. the u.s. house moved to pass a hurricane sandy relief bill this evening. $17 billion would go for immediate recovery in the affected northeastern states. another $33 billion is for long- term spending. some republicans argued that much of the money isn't for emergency relief at all. california's tom mcclintock called for stripping that funding out. >> according to the congressional budget office, more than 90% of this money won't even be spent this year. that's not emergency relief. $1
iran, his position on israel, and chuck schumer today coming out and saying that he feels confident that hagel is in line with where the president stands on these things, that he is willing to act unilaterally when it comes to iran and not take any options off the table, and that his position has changed because he understands that israel is now in really a defense position and is in a different place than when he made some of the those comments a few years ago. that will be the key moving forward, and, again, a lot of people looking to see what chuck schumer had to say before making the decision that, of course, barbara boxer also coming out and saying that she is going to support chuck hagel for this position. andrea. >> ruth, that clearly smooths the way because it was schumer's ambivalence and the ambivalence of other democrats, key democrats, even -- so if he weren't going to support chuck hagel, that would be a huge obstacle? >> that would have been a huge obstacle, but the cavalry was always coming, i think, i think senator schumer had concerns. i think probably excuse my cyn
that hagel has held with respect to iran and israel, would he, in fact, support the fullest protection of israel if there were any kind of a threat from iran that materialized? also, issues related to gay americans and would there be an issue with that, especially given the fact he's serving a democratic president? so they spent the time, they talked it out and very important indication that schumer will encourage his colleagues in the senate to go along and support the hague el nomination, as well. one of the sort of dances that's going to happen here is typically a former senator or senator put up for nominee in this way is confirmed pretty easily among friends in the senate who know them and have a personal history so to have resistance to chuck hagel has been one of the more unusual circumstances. you see the contrast talking about john kerry for sost. you have people in both parties coming forward supportive for his nomination. schumer and boxer, two of the prominent jewish american senators saying they feel confident that hagel will protect israel, they think that's important ste
on some of these controversial issues and comments that he brought up in the past, on iran, on israel, and he specifically says that hagel now understands the fact that israel is in a more endangered spot than it was, essentially acknowledging the administration's position which is that iran has gotten closer to acquiring nuclear weapons, so hagel basically telling schumer he would support unilateral action on iran, would not take any option off the table as it pertains to iran around understands some of his comments in the past about israel were in his words not appropriate, not well-stated. so i think a lot of people are going to be swayed by this decision that schumer has made and don't forget, martin, it's not just chuck schumer, it's also barbara boxer who has come out this week and said that she would support hagel's nomination for secretary of defense. so these key democrats coming out and saying they are, in fact, planning to back hagel. i think that is allowing the white house to breathe to some extent a sigh of relief, although administration officials say they always believ
confirming moments ago, donald trump has taken the unusual move of stepping into the israel politics and endorsing the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. apparently asked to endorse him by an israeli agency. and trump released an endorsement video. take a look. >> my name is donald trump and i'm a big fan of israel. and frankly, a strong prime minister is a strong israel. and you truly have a great prime minister in benjamin netanyahu, there's nobody like him. he's a winner. he's highly respected. he's highly thought of by all. and people really do have great, great respect for what's happened in israel. so, vote for benjamin, terrific guy, terrific leader, great for israel. >> megyn: i love trump because he divides everybody into winners and losers. remember when he had the feud with rosie, rosie is a loser, been a loser for a long time. as if you could quantify it. not loser, loser. anyway, he says netanyahu is a winner and he'd like to see him continue winning and israel's election takes place january 22nd and prime minister netanyahu is expected to be reelected. next, a l
in support for israel. his confirmation hearing before the armed services committee will take place within a few weeks. >>> 7:18. an alarming new report could raise quake concerns in san francisco. a previously private report found there are nearly 3,000 potentially unsafe buildings in the city, housing about 58,000 people. and the search says those buildings would likely crumble in a major -- major quake. however, some of those on the list have not been verified by building inspectors. >>> it looks like any survivors of the san bruno blast will go to trial. about 120 have agreed to settlements. an attorney said yesterday in court they will come up with a process that could take about 90 days to settle the remaining legal claims. >>> 7:19. new this morning, france says it will eventually have 2500 troops in mali. they already sent about 500 troops to mali and have constructed air strikes against al qaeda. the united states is helping them with intelligence information and may send in air support. >>> afghanistan's defense minister said today he's confident the u.s. will not abandon his cou
just by coincidence, i was in israel when the new town shooting took place, and the next morning hours touring the facility where they train security guards for their schools. they put those guards in after that school shooting in the 1970 and worked. in this country after columbine president clinton got funding for the cops in school programs which pays for many of those two. : thousand police. in other localities, private firms, and school boards volunteers provide security. why was it a smart idea when the israelis did it and a reasonable idea when bill clinton endorsed it and the insane idea when we suggested it? the fact is that america's parents want their kids protected, and there are two real basic problems here. what is the breakdown of our mental health system. almost all of these shooters are people he should not be allowed to possess any firearm. we have been urging for years the people who have been adjudicated to be potentially dangerous people on the list of prohibited purchasers. lou: let me interrupt you because what you're suggesting there is then that the nra will su
was doing around the world and that we would be comfortable with it. al jazeera is carried on 0 israel's satellite system. and if the israeli public is comfortable l learning what can be learned from al jazeera, i think the american public will learn they will be as well. >> reporter: gone is san francisco bay's current tv, a groundbreaking network that never really got off the ground, but hyatt and gore soared selling current for a reported $500 million to al jazeera network, a tv network financed by the oil-rich kcountry of qatar. in his first interview since the deal was announced hyatt is proud, reflective and a little agita agitated. >> some of the press has been negative. i will say highly hypocritical. it's been fox news and "the wall street journal," both of which are owned by news corp. the second largest owner is the saudi royal family. so this idea that they're criticizing al gore and i would do business with arabs is quite remackable when they don't disclose their company is owned in significant part by arabs. >> but this is just sleazy, al. this is disgraceful. >> is it ir
's comments about israel were a critical factor in winning his support. schumer was seen as a possible roadblock to hagel's confirmation. businessman donald trump is inserting himself in israeli politics. trump made a video endorsing benjamin netanyahu. and his party ahead of the general elections next week. still ahead, pennsylvania school district takes matters in its own hands to fight gun violence. first, is your federal government putting the mob-like squeeze on a private citizen? look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. using cloud computing and mobile technology, verizon innovators have developed a projective display for firefighters. allowing them to see through anything. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. because vitamin d3 helps bones absorb calcium, caltrate's double the d. it now has more than any other brand to help maximize calcium absorpt
hagel's views about israel, iran women and gale rights. the other big story, will president obama trump congress and take executive action on guns? the white house official tells biden's recommendations including 19 that the president can act on by executive order alone. >> i'm confident there are some steps we can take that don't remember legislation, and that are within my authority as president, and where you get a step that has the. >>> "usa today" reporting that weighing tougher restrictions on gun control. >> this is people have to live through these tragedies after tragedy after tragedy. >>> in maryland governor o'malley announcing a controversial and then in delaware. jack martell is putting his weight behind a proposal to end the gun show loophole. >>> the nra under fire for releasing the new iphone app. yesterday. it eye lows players as young as 4-year-old to practice shooting at coven-shaped targets. >> how sick are these people running a great organization, a proud organization, how sick are these people that have command eared the nra and turned them into an extremist organ
'll talk to mob wives about translateing mob phrases to other languages. >> i went to israel and stayed there a couple of years. i learned to speak hebrew. >> joy: how are you going to say you're going to switch with the viciousfishes. >> i would say good night good luck. >> joy: and bad spellers such as mel gibson and around arnold schwarzenegger but first more "viewpoint" with john fugelsang. ♪ ♪ engineered to move heaven and earth. ♪ ♪ guts. glory. ram. the new ram 1500. motor trend's 2013 truck of the year. hershey's simple pleasures chocolate. 30% less fat, 100% delicious. >> john: is your marriage being ruined by facebook or texting tweeting anything other than my space? well our biggest advisory marriage is calling social media the largest threat to marriage. not the drink? people keep disappearing into their smart phones instead of communicating one-on-one with their spouses. i've been e-mailing with my wife allabout this all week. this social media argument could hold water. let's put it to our panel, judy gold, dean obeidallah, and scott blakeman. first of
controversial comments in the past on israel, iran and the jewish lobby. many people consider chuck schumer's support as absolutely critical, that he couldn't probably get confirmed if he did not have chuck schumer's support. let mess bring in lo receipta sanchez how significant do you believe this decision is. >> chuck schumer is a very bright guy, and i think it's a very good coupe for umer senator hagel to get his endorsements. honestly, unless you really want to gum up the senate, i see the former senator being confirmed. >> let me go back to guns now. i'm sure you'd heard the discussions by now, concern by some that the president may be overreaching? >> it will be interesting i think the whole shy has to not only be approached by the congress, but the sharing of information. so how he does it, what laws exist that allow or don't allow it will be interesting. but i remember when patrick kennedy was for years trying to get parity. on the other issues, i think this issue of large magazine of bullets will be an interesting one for the congress to approach, but one the house of representati
in a democratic egypt. since taking office, he has reaffirmed the commitment to the peace treaty with israel in both word and deed, and has proven willing to work with us toward shared objectives, including a ceasefire during the crisis in gaza last year. these commitments are essential for our relations with egypt as well as stability in the region. we will always speak out against language that espouses religious hatred or encourages the use of violence and have raised our concerns over these remarks with the government of egypt. >> does the white house believe that israelis contrasting to uphold is in of the bargain? >> we strongly condemn the comments and believe that he should make clear that he respects people of all faiths and this type of rhetoric is unacceptable. three -- we work within toward objectives. he has demonstrated in word and deed is a commitment to the peace treaty with israel which is significant and that obviously worked with us to resolve or to achieve a peace settlement in -- a cease-fire, rather, in the does the conflict last year, so this is about action, indeed, a
have. those that have concerns. on his position on israel, on his position in the past on iran specifically opposing sanctions. and for some unfortunate remarks that he made with regard to the jewish lobby and also gay americans. on all of those, a pretty lengthy statement that senator schumer released, and he said that he went through in this 90 minute discussion with senator hagel and he feels that he has endorsed or at least supports now the president's position on iran and israel for example and he made apologies for comments he made on the jewish lobby and gays. and so this is very significant because senator schumer, with him he will probably bring some other members. but also if it went the other way, carol, if senator schumer, the number three democrat, were to say i'm not going to support him, it would effectively be over for chuck hagel. it was kind of hard to see that happening based on the relationship schumer has with the white house. he'll walk the president down to put his hand on the bible and take the second oath. but still this is a signature move that he's ma
/2 minutes to mr. israel. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york is recognized for 1 1/2 minutes. . mr. israel: i rise in support of this rule. it has been 80 days, for 80 days new yorkers and other americans have been waiting for help. their businesses have been damaged. their homes have been damaged. their land has been damaged. their condos have been damaged. they need the help. it is one thing to be devastated by a weather storm, it's another thing to be devastated by a political storm. we need to put both storms behind us and move on and provide this help. we have shown partieship in my area, mr. speaker. congressman -- the gentleman from new york, mr. king, a republican, and i and other members of our delegation have worked with governor cuomo and governor christi with mayor bloomberg to move forward. despite the flicks. despite the political winds. we have our two county executives from long island in washington today with residents who are democrats, republicans, conservatives, liberals, independents. this isn't about party, this is about solutions. this is not
by hurricane sandy but to it cuts into foreign aid with the exception of israel afghanistan or pakistan to shift those moneys to instead be spent on american aid it is a substantive because the amount is of unknown for what has been spent on foreign-aid the reason i submit the pay for is of the precarious position the government sees itself. we're on a path to know where financially. then said of the fiscal cliff we have a debt mountain, a $16 trillion of total debt and ane
to israel. where is he in the process? >> willie, there's been a real turn and things are now running senator hagel's and people around the table will be encouraged by this choice. senator barbara boxer of california, a democrat who withheld her support from senator hagel announced last night, she's now for him following long conversations she had with him by the phone and most importantly, senator hagel sent her a letter outlining fairly hawkish positions on iran and hezbollah designed to set aside a lot of people's worries about his past positions. also the administration is behind him and pentagon and white house working to schedule these visits you mentioned to senator schumer and others. also, he's reaching out to veteran's organizations as a key constituency saying i need your help. he used to head the uso and dad was a tail gunner in world war ii and one of the operatives, murr murray, is shepharding him and finally, they're getting together after letting him hang out so long. >> at the inaugural ball, 40,000 people will show up to celebrate. >> this is the more populist, they
in which hagel said, quote, the jewish lobby has intimidated lawmakers on israel. schumer, who is jewish, says he will vote for hagel's confirmation after hagel clarified his remarks. >>> venezuela's vice president expected to deliver a state of the nation speech today. standing in for president hugo chavez who is still in cuba, recovering, continuing to get those cancer treatments. but a lot of venezuelans are just focused on finding everyday essentials, talking about eggs and flour, even toilet paper, very tough to come by, in many stores in venezuela right now. alejandra ora joins me. >> the central bank reported that the shortage increased at the fastest pace in the last three years after president chavez announced he was going to travel to cuba to get cancer treatment. however, it is important to emphasize that president chavez has yet to come back to venezuela after the treatment and has not been seen in public since december 9th. after his announcement, the prices have skyrocketed. i think it is about an increase of 5.7%, only in the month of december, and in 2012, it is 20.1%. >>
, it is something that is -- let's call it google map with social networking. it's very popular in israel. it would be a game changer for whoever gets it. it's very exciting for people to map their socials. i like it. >> excites david, i can tell. >> yeah. one of the most beautiful facebook pages i've ever seen. and your pinterest page is nice, too. >> yes, it is. >> works for sammy sosa. no reason you can't do it. >> sometimes i get tired of your overreaction. it's just so over the top. i don't know how you restrain yourself. it's been 15 years of restraining yourself when i talk. that's why you do it. >> yes. i battle hard. >> i often think of the zen. i've gotten the anger management training, working with the truth and reconciliation committee in south africa. don't forget the condi teachings and the dally llama. he knows what he's talking about. >>> gene spurling with his feelings of the debt ceiling standoff. >>> what's another two more minutes. 6 stocks in 60 seconds when "squawk on the street" returns. at farmers, we make you smarter about insurance. because what you don't know can hurt you
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)